ASA Report: Too close for comfort - A look into the Advertising Standards Authority and the case for more controls on advertising

New report exposes failures of advertising regulator, ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has come under fire for weak and slow enforcement of advertising rules, and for being in the pockets of the ad industry, in a new report out this week. The hard-hitting report analyses data on complaints to the ASA, revealing that only 22% of complained-about adverts are investigated and only…Continue reading New report exposes failures of advertising regulator, ASA

Councillor Briefing: March 2018

Adblock Bristol detail some of the concerns around corporate outdoor advertising in a briefing which our members forwarded to their councillors and we handed out at a Bristol City Council meeting in March 2018. Download it here: info-pamphlet-1-2-keeping-our-parks-advertising-free

Mapping Bristol’s billboards

We need your help to create a map of billboards in Bristol. This will enable us to check the status of individual billboards, and plan any appropriate action. So, how can you get involved in our citizens’ audit of Bristol’s billboards? Head over to our map