Adfree Cities research

First of it’s kind research finds a clear link between outdoor advertising locations and health and wealth inequalities.

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Explore harmful advertising

See all of Adfree Cities’ thematic work, from fighting Big Oil greenwash to taking down vape ads.

Image of large digital billboards brightly lit along a main road at night.
A woman stands in a council chamber and speaks into a microphone, addressing councillors .

Working with councils

We work with councils across the UK and provide resources to introduce ethical advertising policies.

You can find all our local council resources and case studies here.

How to create ad-free cities

Explore our toolkits and practical how-to guides on objecting to planning applications for new billboards, starting your own Adblock group and lobbying local councillors.

Anyone can help make our cities ad-free. Start your journey now.

Two people install a billboard poster design. One is up a ladder and the other is using a long brush to put up the posters.
Graphic image in which a large billboard looms over a street as people flee before it. The billboard reads "Bad publicity: an Adfree Cities blog series on how omnipresent advertising shapes our lives"

How outdoor advertising shapes our lives

Bad Publicity is a series of guest blogs by academics in fields from psychology to public health examining the ways in which outdoor advertising affects every aspect of our lives.

What’s wrong with outdoor advertising?

Advertising impacts on so many aspects of our lives, from mental health to sexism and body image, local economy and light pollution.

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Read our reports

Our reports dig into the hidden side of advertising and explore the far-reaching ways in which it impacts our lives.

We also bring to light the regulatory environment in which advertising operates.

Listen to our podcast

Message Recall, the Adfree Cities podcast series, discusses the history, tactics, and psychology of advertising in public spaces.

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