Advertising impacts us in many ways, whether through manipulating us unconsciously or encouraging excessive consumption which is damaging our environment and wellbeing. Here we set out some of the big issues with advertising.

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Meat, Egg and Dairy advertising

Discover the tactics used by advertisers to conceal the real stories of the meat, eggs and dairy we consume, and how we can challenge them.

Mental health

Corporate outdoor advertising encourages and thrives on our insecurities, body dissatisfaction, debt and unhappiness. We would be happier and healthier if our city streets were ad-free.

An image shows two people staring at a billboard car advert. Superimposed on the bottom right of the image is text reading Because You're Worthless.
A woman poses with her two middle fingers raised in front of a large advert showing a woman in a bikini and the text "are you beach body ready?"

Sexism, gender and body image

There is a history of feminist responses to corporate advertising, but what are the links between advertising imagery and street harassment in public space?

The environment

What are the impacts of consumer society on the planet and ecological support systems? How does the distribution of billboards relate to issues of road congestion, air pollution and environmental justice?

People hold brushes whilst standing in front of a billboard. on the board is a poster that reads "not enough trees"
Two people install a billboard poster design. One is up a ladder and the other is using a long brush to put up the posters.

Local economy

Outdoor corporate advertising encourages us to spend money on multinational companies that take money out of the local area, outweighing ad revenues received by local councils.

Light pollution

Digital outdoor advertising has a serious impact on biodiversity, the environment, and on people’s health because of the amount of light pollution it produces.

A photo taken at night shows a very bright digital billboard illuminating a dark street.