Adfree Cities are running our second Adblock AGM event in Bristol to bring Adblockers from across the UK together. The day will include visioning the cities we want to see, storytelling from local activists, developing a roadmap for your local campaign, as well as time to network and share ideas. It will be a tailored event for around 20 people to get skilled up and inspired.

Adfree Cities Adblock AGM
Saturday 6th July 2024
11am – 6pm in person in Bristol

What to expect from the day:

  • Meet other like minded people committed to anti-advertising
  • Session 1: Visioning exercise – what are the cities that we want to see?
  • Session 2: External speaker from Common Cause Foundation
  • Session 3: Hear stories of change from around the country
  • Session 4: The Adfree Cities Theory of Change and how we can support local groups
  • Session 5: Creating a roadmap for your local campaign
  • Eat delicious food!
  • Help install an artwork on the Burg Arts Board


SessionHow long?Time
Welcome and warm up!30 mins11-11.30am
Visioning exercise
What are the cities that we want to see and how did we get there?

Imagine your perfect city in 2040 – what are the steps we took to make this happen, what allies and opponents did we meet along the way, what challenges did we face and how did we overcome them? Cast your mind back and then we will make a monument to this story to help us make it into a reality.
2 hours11.30-1.30pm
Vegan lunch1 hour1.30-2.30pm
External speaker
Ruth Taylor from Common Cause Foundation will give an introduction to values and framing and why this is useful when talking about advertising
30 mins2.30-3pm
Stories of change
Local groups will share their organising knowledge and experience through case studies and answer any questions
1 hour3-4pm
Break10 mins4-4.15pm
Adfree Cities Theory of Change
How local mobilising leads to national policy change and what Adfree Cities can do to support local groups to get there
30 mins4.15-4.45pm
Creating a roadmap for your local campaign
What does your group want to do by this time next year?

We will draw inspiration from a range of tactics and come up with new ideas to create a map towards your vision for your local area.
1 hour4.45-6pm
Burgh Arts Board installation
For those who can stay we will put up a new artwork on Adblock Bristol’s Burg Arts Community Billboard – get involved to see how it is done!
2 hours6-8pm

As well as being a chance to meet local group coordinators we have places available for anyone interested in becoming an Adblock organiser in your local area. We have a budget to assist with your travel costs and overnight accommodation can be arranged if needed.

Please register and we will contact you with the the AGM venue location closer to the time.