Families in Dagenham, Essex are furious at Barking and Dagenham Council for allowing Clear Channel to install a huge digital advertising screen directly facing residential properties. By using outdated planning rules around ‘like for like’ advertising, Clear Channel have been able to replace an innocuous paper billboard with an Orwellian monstrosity without consulting the public or local Councillors. 

Clear Channel’s proposal letter declared this obviously residential area to be ‘mostly commercial’ and claimed the huge screen would be more environmentally friendly than paper. They also stated that it would have no discernable impact on the look of the neighbourhood when in fact it is an absolute eyesore. By erroneously quoting the A1050 in Tottenham on their planning documents rather than the A1112 in Dagenham they were able to claim that their screen would sit alongside a ‘commercial highway’ when in fact the A1112 runs within 0.3 miles of a conservation area and is lined almost completely with houses, flats and maisonettes. Added to that, the screen only becomes visible to motorists as they approach a pedestrian crossing.

View of local houses from the screen

Campaigners are encouraging local people to email complaints@lbbd.gov.uk

Jon Cruddas MP and local Dagenham Village Ward Councillors are on the case, but need more residents to come forward and complain. 

For further information please contact stopthescreen@gmail.com