Campaigners force council debate on advertising in Bristol parks

Bristol City Council will hold a debate on Tuesday 20 March as a result of our petition signed by almost 4,000 people calling for the council to drop proposals to introduce advertising into the city’s parks.

The debate will be held as part of the council’s full meeting at City Hall, which starts at 6pm.

Our petition shows that thousands of people feel that the city’s parks are no place for commercial advertising. Many of us feel that there is too much advertising in public spaces already, and are concerned about the impact on the environment, local economy and public health, among other problems. For example, a new report has shown that young people who regularly see junk food advertisements, including those on billboards, are more likely to be obese.

More detail on some of the concerns around corporate outdoor advertising are outlined in a briefing for councillors that we prepared, which you can find here.

illustration by Rosa Ter Kuile

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If you support the petition, why not contact your councillors and let them know? Here’s how:

1. Find your local councillors and their email addresses from this webpage.
2. Send them an email explaining, “As a resident in your ward…..” and then tell them why you are concerned about the ads in parks proposal – if you want, you can use our template below.
3. Include your name and postcode, so that they know you’re a resident in their ward.
4. Attach the briefing PDF (download it here).
5. If you get a response from your councillor, we’d love to know what they said, so that we can understand the views of different councillors across the city.  Email us at

– – – Template Letter to Your Councillor – – –

Dear Councillor _______

As a resident in your ward, I am very concerned about recent council proposals to introduce advertising to our parks and green spaces.

I’ve signed a recent petition with nearly 4000 people against the plans and there will now be a debate on the subject at the Full Council meeting this Tuesday 20th March.

Some of my concerns are outlined in the attached leaflet from Adblock Bristol.  I would be grateful if you could represent my views at the forthcoming debate and speak up against the proposals to introduce more advertising spaces to our city.
– – –   – – –   – – –   – – –   – – –   – – –    – – –

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