New double-digital bus stop for Central Bristol

Update 28th October 2019:
Frustratingly, permission for this development has been GRANTED by Bristol City Council.

Advertising giant Clear Channel have applied to install a double sided digital display on a bus shelter on St Augustine’s Parade in central Bristol.

CLICK HERE to view the planning documents and submit a comment. (Ref:19/04030/A).

St Augustine’s Parade, in the vicinity of the proposed development

Below are some suggestions for points to include. Make reference to some or all of these, or give your own thoughts on the digitalisation of our city centre!

  • The amenity of the nearby waterfront and fountains area would be harmed by this development. This is a prominent and important location in central Bristol and everything should be done to maximise this space as a pleasant and welcoming environment, and protect the measures that have already been taken to make it so.
  • The applicant cites existing similar displays in central London locations including Oxford Street, Kensington High Street and Kings Cross and Euston stations. Considering the calming and attractive pedestrian area throughout St Augustine’s Parade, this is a poor comparison. We should protect and improve the character of Bristol, not attempt to mimic the over-stimulating environment of central London.
  • The applicant wrongly insists that there is a sustainability benefit to this development as it would bring a “reduction in the printing of paper or PVC posters and the subsequent need to recycle them.” In addition to the energy cost of installation, this digital development uses – and wastes – 1920W when operational (according to the application). A full year of constant illumination would require approximately 16,800 kWh of electricity. The average British home consumes less than 4,000 kWh per year!
  • The roads around this location are highly congested, with complex junctions in addition to the coming and going of buses and high pedestrian activity. Additional distractions in the form of eye-catching advertisements – the applicants raison d’ĂȘtre – are unnecessary and present a road traffic hazard.
  • The proposed development would include the installation of an obscured camera admittedly for the purpose of Audience Analytics. This aspect of the application is particularly sinister and permission should not be granted for an installation leading to the future surveillance of Bristolians without absolute clarity on the intentions of this private company.

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