A person stares at a billboard advertising 'Things'

How to create Adfree Cities: 3 actions you can take today

Watch: Henry from Adblock Bristol emerges from an onslaught of advertising messages with a better message for you: we can create cities free from outdoor ads together.

Read on below for three actions you can take right now.

3 actions you can take right now:

1. Submit a complaint about Clear Channel’s ‘Platform For Good’ bus stop ads

Bus stop ad panel showing an ad for Clear Channel UK's "platform for good" initiative.

How can a company which profits from pushing adverts for gambling, alcohol, vaping and junk food claim to be a ‘Platform for Good’? Adblock groups have submitted compaints to the advertising regulator on the grounds that Clear Channel’s ads are greenwashing, mislead citizens over the company’s contribution to local communities, and misrepresent its business as beneficial to society and the environment. Read our complaint and follow our easy instructions to submit your own.

2. Ask your MP to back a ban on the most polluting adverts

Two placards leaning against a wall. One reads "Ban fossil fuel ads" the other reads "Greenwashing is a fossil crime"

Advertising fossil fuel companies is toxic and wrong. Can you write to your MP to ask them to support a ban on fossil fuel ads?

Take action now.

3. Make space for something better! Stop outdoor advertising where you live

Campaigners paint over an illegal advertising board with the words 'No Ads, Trees Pls!'

Adblock groups around the UK are preventing digital advertising screens from and making space for art, nature and wellbeing.

Join your local Adblock group – or start your own!

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