Do we really need 18 new digital ad boards in Bristol city centre? We can stop them.

  • Urgent action needed: 18 new digital ads proposed for Bristol
  • See our quick and easy guide to submitting your objections
  • Take action by this Friday, 20 October 2017

We’re alarmed to discover that a whopping EIGHTEEN new digital ads are trying to sneak into Bristol’s Broadmead and Cabot Circus.

Unbelievably, these uninvited new structures would be stuck permanently in the middle of our pavements and pedestrianised areas, and be visible from 50 yards away.

We don’t need more advertising in our city centre, we need less. And we certainly don’t need these garish, brightly lit, constantly changing digital displays shamelessly vying for our attention with the sole purpose of selling us more and more rubbish.

YOU can stop this
Each of these 18 digital ads has a planning process to go through. The more objections we submit, the more chance we have of stopping this unwanted street clutter.

Here’s your quick and easy guide to objecting
1. Head over to Bristol City Council’s planning portal
2. Search for the planning application (all references and links are given below)
3. Click ‘make a comment’ and submit your comment
4. Repeat for each of the 18 cases

Tips for your comments
There are two grounds on which planning applications can be formally rejected on. These are ‘amenity’ (how it would affect the surrounding area) and ‘safety’. So it’s helpful to base your objections to any application on one or both of these grounds.

Possible comments you could make:

  • These panels would obstruct pedestrians, particularly blind people.
  • The application claims them to be bright enough to be read at 50 yards, and the images are ever-changing – a dangerous distraction to motorists and cyclists.
  • You may also, of course, want to add any other arguments – perhaps wider concerns you have about corporate outdoor advertising.
  • You can also see this quick guide to objecting to planning applications

Here are the references and links to all 18 planning applications:

Please remember to do this by Friday 20th October 2017, the deadline for comments.

The more people object, the stronger the message that we reject this increasing intrusion of corporate advertising into our city’s public spaces and our minds.


Above: One of the 18 proposed new digital advertising boards for Broadmead (City Centre)

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