New sponsorship signs at roundabout between Whitby Road and St Philips Causeway

Extra information from the planning application:

“The proposed signs are part of a roundabout sponsorship scheme being managed by Bommel UK Ltd on behalf of Bristol City Council. This is one of 5 similar applications being made concurrently for five different roundabouts.

Roundabout sponsorship typically constitutes four signs on a roundabout or one sign facing traffic approaching from each direction. The company that sponsors a roundabout will have their branding and a simple message on all four signs. The minimum length of sponsorship is 12 months and the branding on the signs will remain constant during this period.

There have been roundabout sponsorship signs on 14 of Bristol Council’s roundabouts, including this one, for the past 10 years in a scheme previously administered by Bristol In Bloom. These signs have all now been removed and will be replaced by signs of a similar size but mounted lower to the ground.  Pictures of an older style sign and the proposed new designs form part of this application (above).

The overall dimensions of the new signs are 1,200x480mm – the same as for the sponsor’s section of the previous signs. The new signs will not include the considerable upper section of the old signs which incorporated the Britain In Bloom branding. This will reduce the overall impact of the new signs and lower the height to 880mm – in compliance with a request from TCM.

Each of the signs on all five roundabouts will be identical in size and all will carry the same Working in Partnership with Bristol City Council branding. Only the sponsors will vary. There will only ever be one sponsor per roundabout.

All sponsor plaques will be simple in design and the designs will be will be approved in writing by BCC before going into production.

All signage will be installed by Bristol Council personnel.

St Phillips Causeway / Whitby Rd Roundabout previously had two sponsorship signs installed facing traffic travelling in each direction along St Phillips Causeway. Two of the proposed new signs will be located in the same locations as the two signs they replace. The other two signs with be located in very similar positions at the other two junctions.”

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