ADBLOCKED: Another digital billboard for Church Road, St George’s Park

Update 11th May 2020
This application has been rejected by Bristol City Council. The officer’s report stated that:

The “proposed digital advertisement would have an unacceptable and harmful impact on the visual amenity of the area.”

Global have submitted another request to install a new digital billboard at on Church Road, adjacent to St George’s Park. This is in addition to similar applications in the immediate vicinity at Lawrence Hill station and Whitehall Road.

The proposal would replace the two traditional billboards in the above image with a single digital screen.

To object to this proposed development:
1. Go to and enter code: 20/00597/A
2. Click ‘Make a Comment’. 
3. Write as much as you’d like about your objections. Below are some points you could include:

  • This development would harm the amenity of the area. The location is adjacent to a park and community centre. The area is residential in nature, with many small businesses. This is a place where people live and work; giant digital adverts – even more intrusive than the existing billboards – do not support residents to live their lives in peace.
  • The cumulative effect of many adverts is concerning, especially considering the other applications (20/00253/A & 19/03749/A) for locations nearby.
  • This development is not in line with responsible environmental policy. Besides the large electricity consumption of digital screens, billboard advertising perpetuate consumerism that is harmful for our well-being, and the planet.
  • Church Road is a very busy thoroughfare, with lots of traffic and pedestrian activity. Records show a large number of accidents in recent years along this stretch of road, including a fatal accident in 2018. The siting of this billboard right next to the road will doubtless draw attention from passersby, increasing the risk of road traffic accidents.
  • The risk of accident is increased because the new development would be facing drivers travelling on the opposite side of the road, who would have to look over a line of traffic to see the billboard.
Traffic accidents on Church Road from
This proposed development is next to the Community Centre.

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3 thoughts on “ADBLOCKED: Another digital billboard for Church Road, St George’s Park

  1. Good news this application has now been refused (02/March/2020).
    Interesting to read the reasons and justification for refusal – which we might learn from!
    Also that Bristol Civic Society lodged objections to the proposal.

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