ADBLOCKED: Digital billboard proposed for Church Road

Update March 2020:
This application has been refused by Bristol City Council, on grounds that it would be visually intrusive, and would present a road traffic hazard.

Comments of note in the officers report included are pictured below:

The existing 48 sheet poster does not have planning permission
An existing advertisement is not a precedent to install a digital advertisement

Planning application

Advertising giant Global have submitted an application to replace an existing static billboard on Church Road – next to Lawrence Hill railway station – with a new 48 sheet digital billboard.

To object to this application, Go to the Council’s Planning Portal.
Use reference: 20/00253/A and Click “Make a Comment”

Below are some ideas for what to say:

  • This development would severely harm the amenity of the area. Church Road is already busy and very often congested. It is a main thoroughfare used by people going about their daily lives, including those who live and work in the vicinity. Bristolians should be able to move about the city without being targeted by digital adverts.
  • The proposed location is near to several junctions and is on the approach to the complex Lawrence Hill roundabout. There have been multiple road traffic incidents along Church Road, and new advertising infrastructure, which exists to draw attention from passers by, increases the risk of further accidents.
  • The digital billboard would be illuminated at night, which would worsen the problem of light pollution. This is harmful for wildlife in addition to local residents. This proposal is incompatible with the Ecological Emergency recently declared by Bristol City Council.
  • This area already suffers from high levels of congestion and air pollution. Introducing more advertising infrastructure – which is used in part to encourage purchase of more private vehicles – is completely against the well-being of local residents.
  • This application should be opposed due to the cumulative effect of the many billboards already on Church Road and other nearby locations. This proposal must not be allowed to open the path for the transition of all into digital ad boards.
  • This proposal is incompatible with the Climate Emergency which has been declared by Bristol City Council. Besides driving excessive consumption, this digital billboard would waste enough electricity to power 10 UK homes, and should be rejected on sustainability grounds.
Image from shows road traffic incidents at the proposed location

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