New Digital bus stop ad screen proposed for Ashton

This application has been approved by Bristol City Council.

Clear Channel have applied to install a single sided digital advert display unit on this bus stop in Ashton, at the junction of Clanage Road and Winterstoke Road.

To object to this proposal:
Visit the Council’s planning portal.
Use reference: 20/00340/A
Click “Make a comment”

You could object on the grounds of:

  • Road Safety
    This development would present a road traffic hazard by distracting motorists and pedestrians.
  • Amenity
    Illuminated advertising screens create light pollution and commercialise our city. Parts of the city that already feature a high volume of traffic, more should be done to reduce exposure to commercial messaging, not increase it.
  • Sustainability
    Unnecessary digital advertising infrastructure which wastes electricity and pushes needless consumption is not in keeping with the recent declaration of a Climate Emergency by Bristol City Council.

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