ADBLOCKED: Digital billboard proposed for crash fatality site in Clifton

This application has been rejected by Bristol City Council on the grounds of amenity and road safety. Thanks to everyone who submitted comments!

Advertising company Global have submitted an application to replace an existing static billboard with a 48 sheet digital billboard at Clifton Down station.

To object to this proposal:
Go to the Council’s Planning portal.
Search for Ref. 20/00174/A
Click “Make a Comment”.

Below are some ideas of what to say:

  • This is a neighbourhood where people live and go about their lives. A digital billboard at this location is not in keeping with the area, and would harm the amenity of the area.
  • The application must be rejected on the grounds of road safety. This is an accident hotspot. There were serious accidents at this site in 2016 & 2018, and a fatality in 2016, in addition to numerous minor incidents at this site and along Whiteladies Road.
Picture: accidents at the proposed location from
  • New advertising infrastructure should be rejected on the grounds of sustainability. Wasting electricity to encourage us to consume things we don’t need is not compatible with responsible action on the climate crisis.

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