Win for Brum: ad blocked!

The Birmingham Adblock group have scored another success! The recent proposal for a digital billboard in Nechells, central Birmingham, has been denied! Scroll down for more opportunities to support the campaign in Birmingham.

screenshot of a Birmingham CIty planning application decision, reading "The Advertisement haording would present an unduly obstructive feature in the street scene, adversely affecting the visual amenity of the area and wider impact on the image of the City."
Birmingham City Council have refused a digital ad screen in the Nechells area after local residents objections

Brum activists have been celebrating. Sara from the Brum Adblock group said:

“Thanks to all that took the time to lodge their objections, the Aston Expressway will be free of another ad space for a little longer! Our main reasons for objection focused on the detriment to visual amenity that this new build would have, along with the added distraction to drivers on the expressway”

We are now celebrating a whopping 11 wins here in Birmingham since we started back in November 2019. That’s 11 advertising proposals that didn’t go ahead thanks to you Adblockers!”

The group will be holding their next meeting on Thursday 17 September online. If you’d like to get involved, email adblockbrum[at]gmail[dot]com for details!

And there are still plenty of applications for new digital screens and billboards in Birmingham, so if you’re local to the group you can get straight involved with the action! There are 6 pending applications that the group need help fighting. you can find them by visiting the Birmingham planning portal, navigating to the “Application Number Search” page and searching one of the following:

  • 2020/06423/P
  • 2020/06221/PA
  • 2020/06132/PA
  • 2020/06074/PA
  • 2020/06075/PA
  • 2020/06111/PA
  • 2020/04601/PA

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