Digital billboard proposed for Gloucester Road

UPDATE September 2019, this application has been WITHDRAWN.

Advertisers Clear Channel have applied for permission to replace a traditional billboard with a digital billboard at the junction of Gloucester Road and Rudthorpe Road. Submit your comments to Bristol City Council before Tuesday 20th August 2019.

The advertisers impression of their digital poster

1. Go to and enter code: 19/03592/A
2. Click ‘Make a Comment’. 
3. Write as much as you’d like about your objections. Below are some points you could include:

  • Nothing should be done to increase the road traffic hazard at this junction. An illuminated billboard with images that change is ultimately more distracting than the billboard currently in situ. Gloucester Road already features a high frequency of accidents, including two incidents on this junction in 2016.
Summary of accidents on Gloucester Road taken from CrashMap
  • Replacing the existing billboard with a digital screen will harm the amenity of this residential area, particularly given it’s proximity to the pavement and to nearby homes. It would be particularly harmful to expose residents to illumination through the hours of darkness.
The proximity of the billboard to residential dwellings on Rudthorpe Road

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One thought on “Digital billboard proposed for Gloucester Road

  1. Here is my objection, also to the oneon cole rd.
    There are so many reasons this should not go ahead, the most important being, Light pollution and driver distraction (why should drivers be criminalised for being distracted by their phones, but not for being distracted by a giant movie in front of their eyes that cannot be ignored, it is the owners of the digital billboards who should therefore be criminalsied)
    Does bristol city council really want to be held liable for the injuries caused by this kind of display?

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