ADBLOCKED: 2nd attempt at Avonmeads billboards after rejection

Update 16th June 2020:
This appeal has been dismissed. Read the Officer’s report here.

Update 6th February 2020:
This decision has been appealed by Insite. We will update this blog post with more information.

Update 28th October 2019:
Permission for this development has been REFUSED on road safety grounds by Bristol City Council!

Insite Poster Properties have submitted another application for two digital screens for St Phillips Causeway at Avonmeads Shopping Centre.

Permission for two screens was initially rejected by Bristol City Council in February 2019. The company appealed – and permission was granted for one of the two screens in June. Insite have now applied for a second set of permission for their revised proposal.

To object to this proposal visit Bristol Council’s planning portal.
SEARCH Ref .19/04185/A and click ‘Make a comment’.
You could include the arguments that:

  • The initial application 18/05167/A for which permission was granted on appeal for sign A requested permission to install a digital advertisement unit measuring 6 metres x 3 metres. The new application requests permission to install a unit measuring 8 metres x 4 metres.
    The applicant is wasting the Council’s time by attempting to alter the details by stealth. The larger the installation, the more imposing it will be and the greater the potential for harm to amenity and safety. The applicant has not provided evidence that the increased size of the sign would not carry detrimental impacts.
  • The applicant claims that because the site location is commercial in nature that their development would not harm amenity. However these digital billboards are fundamentally unsightly and their introduction would bring an unwelcome change to one’s experience of this area.
    In addition, if the cumulative impacts of multiple developments desired by this and other applicants will have a grave effect on amenity by transforming the feel of the city for people using these important thoroughfares.
  • Any new signs, particularly one with multiple large images, will draw drivers attention and therefore reduce their attention on the road. This represents an unnecessary road traffic hazard, which could be particularly harmful as the proposed location is on the approach to a busy roundabout.

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