People install a billboard in front of a brightly painted, multi-coloured building.

Giant ‘Paint by Numbers’ in Bristol supports calls to #BanFossilAds

Local artists, residents, passers-by and children came along and painted a billboard-sized artwork at Adblock Bristol’s community arts board last week. Here are some of the best photos from the paint by numbers event – thanks to everyone who came along and got painting with us!

Thanks also to artist Soofiya for the artwork celebrating local campaign BABE against Bristol Airport’s controversial expansion, and to Matt from XR Bristol for the Timelapse video.

The event marked a Europe-wide week of action to raise awareness about the climate impacts of advertising. As part of the week of action Adblock also delivered an Open Letter to Mayor Marvin Rees asking for a low-carbon advertising policy to help meet Bristol’s net zero goals.

You can take action by writing to your local councillor and sharing the letter on social media

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